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More Than
Just Hair

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About Us

If you’re looking for all-looking and modern stylish braids, weave-on, and twists, Braids & Weaves is the right place to be. Located in the heart of the Northside near downtown Chicago, the salon also sells hair and skin care products, and hair accessories.




Mission Statement

Our mission is to be innovative and motivated in the pursuit of excellence and embrace the challenges of change in the hair industry. We strive for perfection in Braids & Weaves hair training programs so that our hair stylists can contribute to the hair industry for the benefit of clientele.

Opening Hours

MONDAY - FRIDAY       -       9 am   -  8 pm

             SATURDAY       -       10 am  -  7 pm

                SUNDAY       -       10 am  -  7 pm

Leaves Shadow

About Us

The Founder

I am a native African, a first-generation American citizen in Illinois, an artist, peace ambassador activist, business analyst, Entrepreneur, interpreter, Economics, and business management background, teacher.

My nickname from my grandmother when I was younger was “little girl with golden hands.” I’ve been crafting since a very young age. 

I quickly developed my craft as a braider after running through so many obstacles then came along with Braids and Weaves, which was once a home-based passion that has grown to an empire. 

Fatima has been a Braider for over two decades and became a professional Braider Teacher by the State of Illinois Department of Professional and Regulation Services since 2010 after Governor Pat Quinn signing the bill as law.


 I became the president of the Illinois Association of Hair Braiders when Alie Kabba from UAO together with other politicians and members of the All Braiders Association acknowledged my leadership skills.

I do braiding in Salons, Walt Disney Magnet school black history month, Universities( UIC, U of C, Columbia University downtown Chicago, NYU in Florencia Italy) museums( Museum of Contemporary Art, South Side Community Museum) Art galleries, park district by myself or in collaboration with local artists just to name a few educating people of different ages, genders, races the history, politics of the craft.

Fatima Traroe

Active Board Member



2009 - 2010  

 APAC African Political Action Community Board



2008 - To present

Start Volunteering at United African Organisation (UAO)



2009 - To present

President of Illinois Association of Hair Braiders



2010 - To present

Peace Ambassador Nominee



2012 - To present

Best Salon in Illinois - Braids & Weaves



2015 - To present

I received the “Crossing Boundaries Prize” from Arts + Public Life. I have presented work at the University of Chicago, MCA Chicago, South Side Community Art Center, and Silent Funny. I’m a storyteller with the “One Chicago” project through the Office of the former Mayor Rahm Emmanuel and work with “Night Out in the Parks” with the Chicago Park    District. Got funding for “Therapeutic Braids” by 3 Arts Chicago.

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